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Offer Mojitos 

Mojitos  is a refreshing cocktail of lime, mint and rum.

You need our magic straw for your Mojitos


We love to enjoy a cocktail in our backyard Tiki bar. Mai Tais are the norm but we also love to make Mojitos. we just don’t like swallowing the mint through the straw. Fortunately we stumbled upon those “Tikistraws”. They work fabulously! No more particles going through and you can even use them to stir your drink efficiently.
We also bought a dozen of glasses for parties, they work well the Mojito or for basically any kind of cocktail where you can use a double old fashioned glass. Cool looking with the logos all around.

Vince D., From Long Beach (CA , USA)
I discovered this straw during a journey in Argentina. it is also used in Latin America to drink the mate, a traditional infusion coming from the culture of the Amerindians Guaranis.
A mojito cocktail is the perfect summer drink very refreshing with mint and lime. Our cocktail experts show you how to make the perfect mojito. … See our cocktail recipes.

All my models are in stainless steel and cheaper than other website.